God Made the First Family

Is it not amazing, though expected, that God was the first at everything good? The account of creation remains thrilling to many, but of very high significance is the first family, their marriage, their children, and how they related to one another, including their sins. Also significant is the way God dealt with it and how it applies to us today. God did not only create the first family but also some great events that we still identify with today: The first surgery, the first anesthesia given, the first garments made from animal skin, He was the first designer, making a covering for the first man and woman. The first rain that ever fell, what led to it, and the comfort and reassurance of God after it all happened. Also, the first beauty contest; how the beauty queen was chosen; and the price of obedience, humility, and faith she had to pay. God Made the First Family is simply Bible stories presented alive to all children and children at heart.

--Olufunke Adeyemi-Adelanwa