God Means What He Says

Have you ever heard anyone ask, "Does God really mean what He says"? That sounds like a silly question, doesn't it, especially if you claim to be a Christian? But even as a Christian, have you ever thought, "Well, I know this is what God said I'm supposed to do, but it doesn't seem that He would mind if I did it my way"? If so, did you realize you may be putting your own will above God's will, that you could be defying and disobeying God's direct commands? The ultimate question is, Are you expressing obedience to God and His desires through your words, actions, and thoughts? Do His commands guide your life, causing you to flee from sinful activities and live in purity and holiness?

The objective of this book and the impact it should have on each of our lives can be simply stated in the question: "Does God really mean what He says?" From the Christian perspective, we would quickly say that we do believe God means what He says. But again, does our life reflect that profession? You see, how we live our lives is an undeniable demonstration of whether or not we believe that God means what He says. Have you truly died to sin, which is an expectation God has for His followers? If not, can you truly say that you believe God means what He says? Does your life reflect a purity and holiness that is consistent with the pattern found in God's word? If not, can you truly say that you believe God means what He says?

These and other related issues which are vital to all of us will be explored in this book. Most importantly, throughout the course of our study together, we will rely upon the only source of divine authority for our answers: the word of God. Once we have completed this journey, my fervent prayer is that each of us will not hesitate even one moment to answer the question, "Does God really mean what He says?" with a resounding yes! This is critical because, as we shall see, God does mean what He says.

--Dennis Stackhouse