God Picked You Out for Me

Chianu is an unborn baby in heaven who conspires with God to pick the perfect mommy for him to be born to. There's one glitch: she can't bear children. Chianu and God must create a master plan for Chianu to be placed in another woman's tummy and be united with his chosen mommy only after he is born.

"Every adoptive parent and health practitioner should have this book because it shows the importance of a secure attachment and creates a platform by which adoptive parents and their children can have conversations about adoption."

-Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen

Marriage and Family Therapist, trainer, and supervisor

"A luminous and adorable story about how a special family is created when a child comes to a mother through adoption."

-Editorial Services of Los Angeles

"A lovely story of the power of prayer and one journey in becoming a family. Not only for adoptees, it can also be a parable of God's love for all children. It does an amazing job at communicating unconditional love."

-Andy Kocher, MFT

School district counselor (retired)

"After reading this children's picture book, the scripture Psalm 127:3 resonates with me ‘Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.' Children are brought to us in different ways. But they are ‘good and perfect gifts' that come from above (James 1:17)."

-Ellen Nash, associate pastor

Faith Tabernacle Church, San Diego

"Chianu and Marchita Masters's book is wonderfully narrated from a family whose truth and love are evident in every page . . . a much-needed book!"

-Dr. Carolina Court

Pediatric and adult psychiatrist

"This is a beautiful, heartwarming story that illustrates how love between children and adults can transcend societal and traditional boundaries to become something wonderful!"

-John L. Evans, MBA

Chocolate Journey, Inc.

--Dr. Marchita Masters with Chianu Masters