God's Cop to God's Great Warrior: The Life and Times of Bishop James F. Copeland

This is the story about God’s process, life, and times of Bishop James F. Copeland, the number one police officer and undercover detective during the 1960s and 1970s in New York City and his rise in the ministry during the 1980s and 1990s, becoming one the great faith preachers of his time in New York City and throughout the world. Bishop James F. Copeland was well known to some of the greatest preachers and teachers in the world today like Dr. T.D. Jakes, Dr. Noel Jones, Dr. Luther Blackwell, Dr. Myles Munroe (RIP), Dr. Don Meares, and Dr. Shirley Caesar, just to name a few of the great clergies who were blessed to know this great man of God. This story will show you the process that God had for Bishop Copeland’s life, from his near-death experience as a child and police officer and his dangerous cases as an undercover agent, becoming the top detective in New York City as he worked with the top law enforcement agencies in New York City. Federal and city cases that were so dangerous some of them can’t be named to this day. You will see Bishop’s great rise as a warrior for God and God’s process throughout his life. After reading this great story, you will have the keys to a successful life and what Bishop Copeland called “a more excellent way to God’s kingdom on earth.” God bless you all.

--Derrick Copeland Sr