God's Love Language Poetry: Devotional

Glen Kehr is sixty-two and lives in New Paris, Indiana, with his family and beloved terrier Jacky Boy. He’s a high school custodian by night and a writer of Christian song lyrics poetry by day and weekends. He loves to read the Bible, spend time with family and friends, and time on Facebook. He’s a lifetime music lover, southern gospel being his favorite to listen to and sing along with. This is his second book of lyrics, with this one different from the first in that it’s a devotional with a prayer added. He’s now learning to play the keyboard so he can put his lyrics to music. He’s grateful to God for inspiration from the Bible and music to write good song lyrics.

He’s currently started writing a third book, possibly, on the same theme. God is good and gives continuous inspiration. He hopes his writings will inspire and bless people who read them to either receive Jesus as their Savior or as Christians to draw closer to Him in these difficult times. PTL.

He thanks God for all his loved ones for their prayers and support. He is thankful for his Christian Faith Publishing team for all they’ve done and are doing. He’s hoping for a long prosperous working relationship with them.

This book is dedicated to his mother who is his number one supporter.

--Glen R. Kehr

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