GPS: God's Provided Salvation: Once You’re Saved, Are You Always Saved? What Does The Scripture Say?

God's Provided Salvation is available to every person that desires a relationship with God. His desire is for every person to live eternally with Him in His kingdom and that fact is spelled out throughout the scripture, Old and New Testaments. What we have done in this study book is we have taken scripture from various books in the Bible as they relate to each other on the subject of eternal salvation and combined them along with questions and commentary. God has provided salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, and this book helps you to understand more about that sacrifice and what is required by God for us to live with Him and His Son, Jesus, throughout eternity.

This book, hopefully, will challenge you to dig into the Scripture more on a daily basis and strengthen your relationship with the Lord God in heaven.

--Jeffery Giles

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