Guns And The Gospel

It is interesting to think about how you can take some seemingly ordinary activities that one enjoys and discover some life lessons that will make you think, ponder, and evaluate your priorities. Sometimes, these lessons come to us in some very unexpected ways and some unexpected places. Who would ever think that guns, shooting, and reloading spent casings would have any kind of life lesson, especially spiritual life lessons? It seems very out-of-the-ordinary or maybe even extraordinary.

However, a man with two passions that came together, under the nudging and leading of the Holy Spirit, opened Jerry’s eyes to some deeper spiritual truths—some truths that were out-of-the-ordinary and yes, even extraordinary. Truths and lessons that seemed to grow and broaden his understanding of a supernatural God.

His passion for guns and his passion for the Gospel collided to reveal some amazing parallels of our relationship with Jesus Christ and our eternal destiny. This was shared in a style that seems like Jerry just sat down with you with a cup of hot coffee and shared his heart so that maybe you will see what God revealed to him.

A very thought-provoking and challenging comparison in an unexpected way.

--Jerry Hensley