Happiness In Quantum Leaps: De stressing WITHOUT DRUGS!

Happiness in Quantum Leaps is a guide to achieving Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness through positive alignment of our Body, Mind, and Energy/Spirit together as one:

1) Mind: Attain Mental Peace by Learning to Control Your Mind

- Learn how to drastically reduce or remove stress from your mind naturally without drugs

- Learn how to make sense out of all the various teachings of religions and science so you can have mental peace in this domain

- Learn how to resolved your past and present hurts and at the same time,

- Remove your anxiety about your future, so you can achieve mental peace

- Learn how to be in the present moment

- Learn how to control and reduce the number of thoughts you generate in your mind so you can stop the madness in your head

- Learn where to find perfect love, peace, joy and happiness no matter what the world of chaos throws at you

2) Energy/Spirit: Reconnecting to God's Spiritual Energy Source & Learning how to use it

- Learn where your source of power comes from

- Learn what you are made of inside at the energy level

- Learn how to work with and use the energy inside of you more effectively to help achieve your goals faster

- Learn what God is

- Learn how and why it's important to have a relationship with God

- Learn who you are in relation to God

3) Body: Physical Healing related to mental stress

- Learn how to increase your success rate in creating love, peace, and happiness in your life

- Learn how to help heal your body faster from physical ailments caused by mental stress

- Learn how to improve your relationship

--Aura D. McClain

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