Ajani Buhari is an impoverished seven-year-old adoptee anchored in his own troubles when he is thrown right into the middle of a vindictive plot to teach an arrogant, pompous, xenophobic billionaire a lesson. Unfortunately, this lesson will come by way of his own emotionally scarred, big-hearted, and cocaine-addicted daughter. Unbeknown to them all, Ajani possesses a phenomenon never discovered in any human being that has ever walked on the earth.

Ajaniís abnormality is haphazardly discovered by school nurse Sharon Adams, who was subsequently given a death sentence because of the onslaught of an extremely aggressive and malignant form of cancer. After Sharon aids Ajani with an injury after a classroom donnybrook, her life is turned upside down when she goes in for her scheduled chemo therapy session but the oncologist can find no trace of the cancer. No oncologist in the world can make any professional sense of her remarkable and completely unheard of recovery sparking a federal investigation the like no other.

The United States government will stop at nothing to find, contain, and control what they donít quite yet understand but threatens the worldís pharmaceutical industry ultimately altering humanity forever.

--E. McKinney