Heroes of Old

The first chapter of this book tells of prophetic events that are about to occur in New York City. The world as we know it will plunder into its darkest hour, and with no one to save Mother Earth, a hero will be renewed. From his nightmares, he will rise, unsure how he got to Saint Moses Hospital's care in the first place.

Strange but odd events start to reveal itself through Saint Moses Hospital, the nightmares becoming stronger. Dave watches helplessly and afraid of the dark images that made its presence known. He begins to believe. Not sure if he was dreaming or awake, he begins to wonder about the images in the night.

That which was hidden in darkness has entered the world in its purest form. Unearthed from the grave they were bound to by the will of God. The task appointed to the one entrusted with the scythe of life and death is now taken by the task.

--Jason Bad