He's Always There For You


Even as a believer, life has its dark and dawn times, its ups and downs. Life has its smooth and rough times; its troubles, trials, and tests. Life has its difficult, discouraging, and disappointing times; its times of challenges and complications. Life has its share of storms and situations; it has its times of sorrow, suffering, grief, and loss. Life has its times of hurts, heartaches, and pain; its times of struggle. Life has its time of adversity and chaos; its times of frustration and being overwhelmed. Life has its times of bitterness and uncertainty; its times when things go from worse to worse. Life has its times when nothing seems to be going right; times when all feels like it is against you. Life has times when one situation after another comes rushing into your life like the waters of a mighty river. Before one situation is over, two more come in more powerful and hectic than the one that already exists.No, life is not always a time of ease or comfort. Sometimes it is uneasy and uncomfortable. Yet in the midst of life’s circumstances, there is good news, and the good news is that God is ever-present. He’s always there for you no matter if life’s skies are blue or gray. Whatever you face in life, so does God. Good or bad, painful or pleasant, you never face it alone because He’s always there for you. Life has times of change and transition, all which are part of God’s greater plan and purpose for you and your life. The good news when it comes to life is that no matter what you face or go through in life, your heart can be comforted and your soul at peace in knowing that He’s Always There for You.

--Irene Bryan

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