Hope in the Workforce : The Search for Spiritual Meaning and Strength on the Job Experiencing Heaven(Jesus)in a Broken World

There is an all-encompassing living Word that speaks eternal meaning and significance into your life. No matter how low our circumstances, our spirit, or our life may be this Word filled with Almighty power from above clothes us, transforms us, sets us free, and changes our lives. This Word comes directly from heaven itself, and is made flesh as a man and God spoke through His miracles, death on the cross, and resurrection not in human words, but in supernatural unconditional eternal never ending love that ceases all condemnation and accusations of injustice. The healing word of Jesus mends broken hearts; the resurrecting, life-giving Spirit of God raises us from the depths of the pit into the kingdom of heaven. But He doesn't stop there! The same power (God) or Word that set you free from the power and lies of a sinful life under Satan's will"" wants you to walk in faith, surrender, steadfastness, and a love commitment to the Truth of that Word until it becomes reality in your life. God waits for us to take the step of full-hearted love and obedience to be able to move. I have seen it in my own life and in the lives of others that obedience to God (out of faith), moves His hand and the power of His Spirit to bring healing. Many times, however, there is a waiting period, where we remain standing and hoping in the Lord, praying, depending, and clinging on to Him. This is essential because the good work God wants to do through you will be impossible for you to do alone.

In the wait, when nothing seems to be going on out of the ordinary in our life, and we just go through the routines of what we have to do to make it; it can feel empty, meaningless, depressing, and even hopeless. It is these sentiments, we battle against as they all attack our faith, our joy, and our hearts. But God is asking you in these moments to trust Him even when you cannot see. Cannot see results, cannot see fruit, cannot see purpose, cannot see anything good that will come out of where you are; it is the Spirit that opens up our eyes and helps us see not only how God sees, but God Himself in midst of the situation. It is in this moment when we fall on our faces before His glory and worship Him, because it is promised search for Him with all your heart and He will be found! Because in every moment, He is your greatest need!

The one who gave you life, breathing into you, can also give dead hearts life, newness, and help them beat again! This is nothing less beyond a miracle; it happened in my life, and it can happen in yours! Even if a heart feels as cold or hard as a stone.

--Joshua Ivey and Rocio Ivey

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