How To File Your Own Bankruptcy: The Step-by-Step Handbook to Filing Your Own Bankruptcy Petition

Main Address:Main Address: Internet: Internet: www.nationaldebtmgt.comBack-Cover How to File Your Own Bankruptcy is the step-by-step handbook to filing your own bankruptcy petition. Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often called the liquidation chapter, is the most common consumer bankruptcy and allows debtors to discharge many of their debts. Under Chapter 13, debtors establish a repayment plan for at least a portion of their debts. The factors that generally prompt people to file for bankruptcy are unemployment, uninsured medical costs, divorce, and large utility debts.The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically impacted both the national economy and the financial well-being of countless Americans. Many are facing job loss, furlough, reduction of hours, or other hardships, which directly impact people and lead to the filing of bankruptcy. This book is intended to assist people who wish to file their own bankruptcy petition.It will show you how to obtain your three credit reports, the forms you will need to prepare, and file your own bankruptcy; how to obtain your credit-counseling certificate and complete your personal financial management course; what property you can exempt when you file your bankruptcy; and how to locate the US bankruptcy court in your area to file your bankruptcy petition. This is a straightforward easy-to-grasp understanding of how to file your own bankruptcy petition.

--Stephen Lee

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