Hyperreligiosity to Grace

Thomas ventures through a perplexing web of hyperreligious thoughts that ultimately lead him to a mental institution three times. In this true story, Thomas takes you on his personal journey of how his thoughts led him astray and put him in many peculiar situations. After having lost a great career, and now living out of his truck and with charitable people on occasion, he continues to deteriorate, wandering the streets, and sleeping on benches and grass or below bridges.

God was not through with him and was always there, trying to reach Thomas with his still, small voice. He wanted to tell Thomas how much he loved him and the implications and finality of the work of the cross by his Son Jesus. In this book, Thomas shows how a wrong understanding of our loving Father and exalting works over faith and grace was a recipe for disaster in his life. Ultimately, Thomas came back to reality by the grace of God and lives a happy life today back in his career and on his feet again.

This book is for anyone interested in a true story about extreme mental conditions. It is also for those that have dealt with puzzling issues in life, those that seem to get caught in a spinning wheel of dos and don’ts, and whosoever that wants to know that no matter what you are going through, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Your mess can become a redeeming message. If you have dealt with depression, discouragement, confusion, and loss, know that you are not alone. Healing and restoration can be yours. Never give up. Every life has an ending untold, and the author and finisher of faith, Jesus, wants to give you the abundant life he came to die to impart to us.

--Thomas Rylen

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