I Hunt

As a hunter, we are often misunderstood. “Normal” people don’t get up before the crack of dawn and head out into the woods. There is a passion, a desire that dwells within us that causes us to find enjoyment in what others would consider harsh. We are drawn by the call of the wild and find satisfaction in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

There is another call that we hear as Christians. The Holy Spirit beckons to us and we follow. To those who are not a believer, our actions seem odd. It makes no sense to them that we would want to serve others. They question how it is that we can value things that they give no regard to. We have a God-given passion and desire to search for our “high” calling and fulfill our purpose as part of the body of Christ.

As a hunter and a Christian, we see life lesson in all that God has created. This book tells tales of the hunt—the good, the bad, the funny, and the lessons which God brought out of each of them. My youngest son asking me once if I was afraid of anything. I reflected on his questions and then said, “My greatest fear is to live this life God has given me and not accomplish His will.”

I have no interest in being mediocre in my walk. I want to pursue and accomplish my purpose. That is why I hunt.

--Chuck Craig