If Jesus Had a Dog

For almost two thousand years, there have been countless books written about our Lord; books by the authors of the four Gospels and the early church fathers, which tell of his words, his actions, and his miracles; books which tell of how he changed the lives of the authors and how he continues to change lives of their readers; and books which build on what he said and did called historical novels. I guess that this little short story is one of those.

What If Jesus Did Have a Dog?

One night, when I couldn’t sleep, a very strange thought came to me. For some reason, I began to wonder, whether or not, Jesus may have had a dog. I’ve had a number of wonderful dogs in my life, and I can’t think of a better pet, or a more loving friend.

I once saw a comment written on a wall that said, “God spelled backwards is still your best friend.”

Dogs, like God himself, love unconditionally. And like God, they are always ready to forgive us.

Even many centuries ago, dogs were held in great esteem by many people. The wealthy and powerful kept dogs mostly for protection, but ordinary people believed that dogs could be wonderful helpers and companions, as well as dear friends.

This is a story about the birth of Jesus and the dog that he may have had.

--James Ferrone