If You Believe!

If You Believe! is a children’s book all about growing and stretching. It is a delightful story about a wide-eyed caterpillar who is named Daniel. This little caterpillar makes his home on a lemon tree. Daniel loves his home very much. He has many friends. There are snails, crickets, lady bugs, ants and a few others who visit him every day. Daniel is a joyful caterpillar. One day as the sun is coming up, Daniel is munching away on his delicious lemon leaves and enjoying the morning, while also taking the time to notice that he is growing, when something quite magical happens. He can hardly believe what he sees with his big eyes! What can it be? As the story unfolds, Daniel begins a great journey that helps him to discover that there is so much more that he can become, if he believes. You will enjoy reading this wonderful book not only for the expressive colorful illustrations but also for the very special message it carries for young readers all over the world! When writing this book and doing the illustrations, I was excited to share a story that would not only be fun for children but would also fill their minds with love and hope. My wish is that children will read this book and be inspired.

--Sheila Mayo

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