I'm a Part of God's Body

God is love, and his word is his love letter. In writing this story, I was interested in presenting the Word of God in a way that the reader could remember what was studied through presenting the Word of God with picture illustrations to facilitate easy learning and retention of information. These passages of scripture were interesting and very important to me as I studied them. I also wanted them to come to life in your minds.

We have to let the word come alive and incorporate it in our lives every single day. This is pleasing to God.

Major points:

Understand salvation.

Understand all parts of the body are needed to function properly.

Understand no one part does it all.

Understand God is the one who makes us a part of the body.

Understand God gives us instructions, because he is the head on the body.

Understand we have important roles in the body of Christ.

--Secunda Steele

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