I'm Still Alive: A Collection of Short Stories Depicting God's Never-Ending Grace

Wow, I’m still alive…but how? There is only one explanation. Take a walk with me through the rough patches of my life and it will become very apparent to you. One word. God. It will be evident, when you see the jams that I have gotten myself into, that God put an angel on my shoulder when I was very young.

Stranded in the Atlantic Ocean? Motorcycle crashes? Six of my cars totaled, fourteen cars in all? Drunk on a Canadian Destroyer in San Francisco? Robbed at gunpoint in Chicago? Roof ripped off as a tornado just missed our home? Illegally racing cars? Nearly having my hand cut off by a miter saw? Working in the bomb dump in chemical gear in 100-degree weather arming 2000lb bombs? Drunk driving? Head-on collision with 130mph impact? Drug addiction? Almost flipping my race car at Atlanta Motor Speedway? I have no doubt how I'm still alive. These are just a few examples.

God has a purpose for me. Maybe it's this book. He hasn’t revealed it to me yet, as far as I know. I do believe that He wanted me to tell people one thing. God is good and He loves us very, very much. Read my stories and you will be amazed.

--Don Barber

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