In the Valley of the Shadows of Success: From Leaning in to Kneeling Down Women are More Precious than Rubies

Are modern young woman coming out of college achieving all their potential, or are they struggling with fears, insecurities, unemployment, and many roles and responsibilities imposed by family and society? This book is a tool to encourage women to seek their true value throughout these junctions in their lives and to find their gifts. I urge them to begin this amazing journey called life with the end in mind.

This book also talks to mothers and grandmothers about different career paths for women and what it takes for women to be successful so that they could aid and guide their young daughters and granddaughters through the different paths.

The difference between a woman worth more than a ruby and a regular woman is the ability to endure and to learn through all the kneeling down moments of their life, the key lessons that will lift them up to all the upcoming leaning in moments. This book represents the heartbeat of those kneeling down and leaning in moments we face when trying to handle career and family.

Most women are not prepared to deal with careers, family, and the glass ceilings that await them. If you are like me, you will fear many things, you will be misunderstood plenty of times, you will be ignored or put down, and you will be set aside, and often, there will be the urge to run away from it all, but I encourage you to endure it all with a life plan that takes you all the way to the finish line. I urge women to focus more on the character ladder and being grounded on their gifts, passions, skills, personality than on the corporate ladder we are often pressured to climb.

I urge women to continue to find the truth, and I shared how I found the things that we all long for, such as joy, peace, gratitude, love, forgiveness, goodness and self-restraint through the most difficult kneeling down moments of my life, and all these have transformed me from a worm to a ruby.

--Marilyn Ehrhardt