It Doesn't Matter what You Make...

It doesn’t matter what you make, it matters what you keep…

Many people think they need a lot of money to invest, save, or get out of debt—and that financial planning is only for the rich. Rob Donovan wants to change that mentality. He merges over two decades of experience in the business and finance world with biblical principles—breaking down the walls of these misconceptions. In this book, you will discover how leaning on God will help turn your budget into blessings.

Rob teaches easy-to-understand concepts that anyone—in any stage—can implement into their lives. He explains why your future doesn’t depend on how you were raised or the decisions you made in the past. Creating a new mindset today can lead to positive impacts tomorrow. Rob incorporates his own humorous, real-life stories and experiences—demonstrating how small decisions can create huge financial gains. Get ready to laugh, learn, and gain the tools needed for financial freedom.

This book should be required reading for everyone, but for young adults especially! I wish I would have known and applied this simple, yet life-changing information from a young age.

—Lisa Johnson

--Robert M Donovan, MBA

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