It's Never Too Late

Is there a time in your life you aren't too happy about? Is there something you regret about some choices you made? Well, you aren't the only one. There are people all over the world just like you and me. Those mistakes can either make us better or cause us to keep spiraling down the wrong path. Our past decisions, our choices today, and the ones we will make tomorrow and in our future, God already has a plan in place to bring victory out of our lives.It is so important that we don't run from our problems, we don't quit, and definitely we don't give up. If we turn to our Heavenly Father and place our situation at His feet, He can do the impossible! We are not alone. We have the Holy Spirit inside of us who has given us power and authority. We are stronger than we think, and the enemy knows it, and he will do whatever he can to keep us from discovering our true self.You may not understand why you are in this season of difficulty, but if you give God an opportunity to talk to you, if you give God a chance to really work in your life, you won't be disappointed. As you begin to read the Bible, apply it to your life. And if you don't understand what you're reading, ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you; that way, you can walk in the promises and blessings of God. Don't allow anything to distract you from walking in the purpose and plan God has for your life. Believe me, my life was messed up.

--Trudy Nuñez Montoya

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