Izzy & the Hippies

This story is about a girl who lived near the beach during a time when there had been lots of change with our country, communities, and households. Some referred to this time as the Age of Aquarius. Despite all that was happening such as the anti-Vietnam War protests, Civil Right movements, drug abuse, Chicago 68, just to name a few, she was willing to be used by God to go reach out to a group of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray for them. Izzy was a girl who was courageous. She loved Jesus with all her heart and was obedient to the call that she had on her life. Because she allowed God to use her life in a mighty way, it would start a revival among the hippies and those who had been to the Vietnam War. The love of her life would eventually come alongside her to reach out to the hippies, love them, and preach Jesus to them and to all who were willing to come and hear the gospel. God is still continuing their labor of love to this day.

--Marty R. Martinez