Lemonade for the Soul: Poems

Our soul is a special part of our being and our life, and it does exist within every one of us. It is something God has given to all. Although you can’t see your soul, a situation or perhaps an act of kindness can touch your soul. To me, it’s an experience, not just a feeling. I believe something like lemonade is an example of how a small bitter fruit like a lemon can be changed into something sweet, delightful, and refreshing that reaches deep within my soul. Lemonade, on a hot sunny day, can taste so good, it will even brighten your day. It may also make you smile and want more. I believe when something seems to reach deep within your soul, it can cause either a good or bad reaction. A poem, a song, a picture, so many things in life can reach deep within our souls, an event or perhaps pain. It may linger in your thoughts as time goes by.

You can choose how you want your lemonade to taste when you create your own recipe. Just like in life, God gives us a choice in everything, and we have a chance each day knowing that in living life, some wonderful things can reach deep within our souls and bless us in many ways—even something as special as lemonade.

--Jane Phells

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