Lessons from Within: Based on Jonah 1-4

Lessons from Within is a new take on the traditional story of Jonah and the big fish. It is based on Jonah 1–4 and tells the story of the lessons that Jonah learned when he tried to run from God, instead of going to the city of Nineveh. Written in a poetic and rhyming form, the words flow nicely across the page, along with the beautiful full color illustrations. This book is most suitable for readers at a second-to third-grade reading level, though it can be suitable for younger readers with an adult to assist with the more difficult words.

Lessons from Within is book one in a planned teaching series that can be used by parents and teachers alike to help their children and students gain a deeper understanding of the stories of the Bible and to look further than the words on the page. The story ends with a set of discussion questions that will allow the lessons to continue to be learned, even when the story has all been told. The discuss questions also make the book suitable for more advanced readers because they push the reader to think beyond what is written and asks them to think about what lessons they have learned.

--A.L. Faulkenberry

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