Let There Be Light

This book is the author’s second book. Let There Be Light refers to the fact that the Bible teaches us to walk in the light and be children of light. We walk in the light when we try our best to do and say things as if Jesus was doing and saying them. The old saying “What would Jesus do?” is a perfect example. The beginning of the book teaches us what it means to live in the light and how to continue to strive to live in the light. The book then moves on to the problems facing Christians today. Christians are being persecuted both in other countries of the world and in our own country, the United States of America. In chapter 9, God directed the author to write based on a vision he received one night. It was about what will happen if we are not successful in changing our culture’s direction. It is currently turning away from God and heading in the direction inspired by Satan. Satan preys on us by studying our weaknesses and our desires. He promises to give those to us just as he promised Eve things based on her desires—that is, to be more like God. Jesus said that Satan is the father of lies and all that is evil. Please keep that in mind. It just may save you.

--Pastor Raymond H. Vietmeier