Listen: How to Support a Loved One with a Mental Illness

Once you have completed reading this book, you will have gained insight on how to effectively and properly communicate with your mentally ill loved one. You will see how important listening is in the communication process. You will learn how to develop important skills such as how to build resilience, how to handle challenging situations, the many pathways to recovery,and how to hold your loved one in unconditional high regard while maintaining your own appropriate boundaries. You will have firsthand knowledge from a writer with lived experience. You will know how to handle the stress that comes with being a caretaker. And most importantly, you will know how to care for yourself while caring for your loved one who is living with a mental illness. You have made an important decision to become a caretaker to a loved one with a mental illness. Now sit back,relax, and enjoy this very informative read.

--Deborah Harris

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