Complete and totally opposite strangers path collide and over the course of three months their lives are changed forever.This is an entertaining and evolutionary book about a young male who purposely entraps himself into his schoolwork for fear of failure. Efron is extremely intelligent but lacks people skills because he chooses not to use them. Until his life suddenly collides with a bizarre character.Jackson values relationships over success, family over business, and time over money. Their story depicts how these things (relationships, family, and time) by default have lost their value in today’s society without most realizing. Jackson’s goal is to awaken everyone he comes in contact with to the subtle changes that, over time, have caused significant impact to the community. He does so in an unconventional way and believes with conviction within himself this is what he was born to do. Live is full of comedy, dance, excitement, romance, and the greatest form of entertainment, learning.

--Thomas B. DeLoach