Living a Miracle

This book is written to inspire readers on how faith can change a person and families’ lives.My family has been through many trials and tests throughout the years, and by the grace of God, we have overcome them all, even when we had no idea the Lord was working in our lives; he still is. It is when we look back on the past that we will notice just how the Lord has worked continuously throughout our life.The most recent tragedy of almost losing our son is what truly turned our faith around. We witnessed an absolute miracle before our eyes; and there were many family, friends, and medical staff that witnessed it with us. Very seldom do you hear of a person surviving carbon monoxide poisoning, and if they do, the outcome isn’t good due to brain damage and physical body organ damage. At least that is what the statistics and science shows. In our case, we received the impossible, and we have God to thank for that.You don’t have to be a perfect person or a perfect Christian to receive and witness miracles in your life. What everyone needs is faith.

--Kathleen Cooper

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