Living Life without You : A Toxic-Forbidden-Love

He had to say goodbye to his high school love, but did not know how. She was the love of his life since they met.He would reflect upon their past, from their date at Edaville to the beaches of southern New England.Her leaving left him with struggles. He lost his will to let her go in his life. He wondered how he was to move on without her. The life they shared and started to build was a shattered dream now.Broken hearted, he would began to rebuild his life one day at a time. When after three years of not hearing from her she called him. What he rebuilt took a pause and he travelled back home to see if they could rebuild their life together. Wrought with pain from that day she left he did not want to relive it over again when she told him about another man wanting her. He had to make a decision based on his faith and the trust of her. He regretted his decision he made and knew moving on without her would be a struggle he would have to live with.But, how do you say goodbye to the only girl you loved?

--Robert A. Crothers

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