Living the Free and Victorious Life

Besides the Bible, "Living the Free and Victorious Life" is simply a book you cannot do without if you are a Christian. No matter how mature or immature you are spiritually or chronologically, you will have the means here to experience true spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. This book will deal with every aspect in your walk with God. It will show you and inspire you how to develop a deep personal close intimate relationship with God. You will learn the true character nature and heart of God and to hear His voice. You will discover your true identity and have the means to finding God's plan and purpose for your life! It will show you how to pray effectively and motivate you to do it on a regular basis. You will learn how to develop great overcoming faith which will open the doors to see all your prayers answered. It will show you how to fight spiritual warfare and how to be delivered from strongholds that have held you back from your destiny that God has for you. It will show you how to beat the devil and experience the true power of the Holy Spirit. You will learn not only how to live free every day, but what it truly means to be free indeed. It will make the way for you to be not just a conqueror in this life, but more than a conqueror by becoming a victorious overcomer. And lastly, you will discover and experience the abundant life Jesus came to give you. YES; it will give you everything you need to truly live a totally free and victorious life!

--Larry Gaines

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