Love in the Shadow of Mount Horeb: The Way It May Have Been…

Most have heard of Moses, who delivered the Ten Commandments; however, few have heard of Zipporah, his Midianite wife.

Love in the Shadow of Mount Horeb tells of the powerful love between them! It is her story which allows us to see Moses through the eyes and heart of the woman who knew him as her husband and passionate lover. She openly shares their intimate hours together and the secret of how they never allowed their lovemaking to become dull.

Has your marriage become dull, lifeless? Has the fire that once burned fervently cooled to ashes? Ladies, Zipporah will stir your appetite for your husband. Men, Moses will help you discover ways to thrill your wife.

Zipporah shares the moment she discovered Moses was as passionate for her as she was for him; the way it could have been...

"His strong arms embraced me as I placed my hands on his shoulders and dismounted. My heart was racing wildly! I had never been this close to Moses--or any other man besides Father for that matter. I stumbled slightly, and he hastily reached out for me again to steady me. This time, he did not release his hold on me, and immediately I reached up and placed my arms around his neck.

"Without words being spoken, I instantly knew Moses felt as I felt. The months of secret love and the days of restraining our emotions erupted uncontrollably in the solitude of this mountain."94

--Velma Childers

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