Major Messages from Minor Prophets: Preaching Truth for Today

During the early part of 2019, our Sunday school lessons centered on the Old Testament prophets, particularly the minor prophets. It was a great challenge to understand their messages and the messages’ relevancy for our times. It seemed as if there really were no significant differences in these books of prophecy, as the minor prophets all seemed to be saying the same thing.

Of course, there are differences in the messages and ministries of the minor prophets, hence, my attempt to show so. My goal was to summarize the writings and ministries of the minor prophets and show their relevancy for today.

This I did through a series of sermons that were initially delivered in the Calvary Baptist Church during the winter of 2019. My goal was to make the teachings of the minor prophets understandable to every segment of our membership. The approach was more inspirational than overly scholarly.

Each chapter of the book is provocatively titled and begins with a story or illustration that centers on that particular subject. The intent was to reference something that the reader could relate to and see how the prophet addresses that matter. Of course, not every single detail of the prophet’s message is included due to the constraints of time, etc.

My hope is that the readers of this book will come to know God better and to have a relationship with him. They will see that in spite of people’s imperfections, our God is perfect and faithful toward us. The minor prophets challenge us to live faithfully for God.

To the extent I have been able to evoke this kind of response from my readers, I give all glory and honor to God.

--Jeffrey A. Ingraham

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