Majoring in the Minors: A Blueprint of Hope: From a Christian Perspective Overcoming Racism, Injustice, Domestic Violence, and Other Evils

If you or someone you know has never experienced racism, bigotry, injustice, abuse, or domestic violence, then this book is not for you.

But if you or someone you know has been such a victim and suffered from such societal evils, then perhaps you are not reading these words by chance. Perhaps God has brought you to this moment to make a difference, for deep down in your heart, you know that this is fundamentally wrong. And just maybe, God through his Spirit, has brought you to this very moment to say, "Enough is enough," and start doing something to begin eliminating racism, bigotry, injustice, abuse, and domestic violence.

Rev. Gallo lays out a twelve-step process that he has termed A Blueprint of Hope from a Christian Perspective. Utilizing twelve messages or themes of hope (one from each of the minor prophets), as well as the teachings of Jesus, he formulates a plan. This plan incorporates both small group ministry within the local church and neighborhood outreach to the surrounding community where these societal evils rear their ugly heads and have devastated individuals for generations. These twelve messages, as well as a unique perspective and insights that he has gained over forty-two years of police work and active ministry, he formulates a blueprint of hope that encourages individuals to catch a vision of what might be if people begin to look at each other through eyes of love and hope, rather than hate and despair.

--Richard A. Gallo

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