Manifesting Magically vs. Manifesting Purpose

Everyone is manifesting all these things, good and evil. We have done our research and there are many how to publications and video content baiting us and we are hooked. We have a lot of knowledge, so what is it that is missing? I was a fish with a few hooks in my mouth. I was being pulled in, and I didn't want to be unsure about my final destination, so I asked God for wisdom. My heart was not amiss when I prayed and so God granted what I asked for. I wanted the truth even if that meant I had to repent.

The Holy Spirit resided with me and told me to write as the mysteries of diverse types of manifesting were being unveiled.

Knowledge without the increase of spiritual wisdom is lack of knowledge, a husband without a wife, and a form of godliness that denies the power of God, we need to manifest his good and perfect will in our lives. God's thoughts toward us are always good and not evil.

Word of wisdom has searched our hearts and inspired my own heart and hand to call aloud, raising her voice in the public square (Proverbs 1:20).

It is her agenda and the assignment of this publication to call all those who are hidden, scattered, and those who are perishing from a lack of knowledge and do not perceive our lack.

Many are called, but few are chosen. God chooses those who answer the call.

He who has ears, let them hear what the Spirit has to say about Manifesting Magically vs. Manifesting Purpose.

--Keyjuana Jones