Meanderings: Collected writings from an eclectic life

Stories, vignettes, short books, essays, poems, and a few illustrated lessons for young people Nathan Strong has had extremely diverse experiences in his seventy years - farmer, carpenter, painter, pilot, college administrator, minister, white-water canoeist, traveler (48 states, Canada and a foreign country), teacher, dulcimer maker and recording artist, political campaign manager, entrepreneur, missionary, baseball coach, writer, husband and father of three - fertile ground for his vivid imagination. The question often arises about how a minister can have such a wide range of interests and such an uninhibited imagination. There are many precedents, from Milton and C.S. Lewis to Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, who was a mathematician, photographer, inventor and Anglican deacon. In fact, the case may be made that a minister without imagination makes for a boring preacher, which this minister definitely is not. With humor and poignancy, something for everyone and for every interest, the reader will delight to wander through the meanderings of this unusual writer.

--Nathan Strong

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