Messages He Gave Me

Joan Hope was born in Guyana in South America. She grew up in the Beterverwagting / Triumph area and attended elementary and high school in Georgetown. In her first semester at Bishops' High, she attended the school's Bible Club meetings and there accepted Jesus as her Savior. She worshipped at Elim Pentecostal Church on Albert Street in Georgetown, was an active participant in the youth fellowship, and subsequently a part of the leadership. She loved to sing and became a member of the church choir. She married Hamlet Hope, and they have one son, Darrel. When her husband was offered a job at the College of the Bahamas, the family moved to Nassau, Bahamas. She attended Bahamas Faith Ministries and served with her husband, first as ushers and later as cell group pastors. She was a part of BFM's Woman of the Word and a member of the island's Women's Aglow Fellowship. As she attached herself to the women's groups, she became aware of her heart for Women's Ministry. The family migrated to the USA and in Georgia, attended The Redeemed Christian Church of God, in Douglasville where she was a part of the Women's Ministry leadership. Joan, a professional teacher for many years, was a lecturer in microbiology and head of the Medical Technology Department at the University of Guyana. In Nassau Bahamas, she was head of the Science Department at Kingsway Academy and taught Biology, Mathematics, Agriculture, and Health Science. She established and still coordinates the Vacation Bible School for Children in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Praise Chapel, Georgia. Her zeal for teaching is reflected in her sermons. She is truly grateful to God for the opportunities afforded her over the years to be useful in various areas of His kingdom.

--Joan Hope

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