Mind To Heart: Motivational Thoughts

Mind to Heart first became a reality in 2013. Faced with the devastating loss of her beloved grandfather followed by a job layoff two months later, Andrea had to develop a healthy way to deal with the shift in the trajectory of her complicated and seemingly unsteady life, so she began writing. It began as a simple way of encouraging others through her heartache. The writings have been nicknamed as AMTs over the years. AMTs are short messages of hope that are shared with others as a way to offer encouragement that is inspired straight from God. These messages always include a scripture to validate the topic and to serve as a reminder that The Word is true and applicable. The easy to understand manner that each thought is presented helps the reader to get a grasp of Biblical principles regarding how we should live our lives based on the Word of God. There have been so many that have been blessed by these messages that it was only befitting to finally publish some of the work. God desires for us to share the Good News with others, so this collection of AMTs should inspire you but also those around you. These writings are not only easy to read and understand, but they should also give you hope and guidance about how you should live out your life full of purpose. People often wonder how she comes up with so many different topics, but it is through a willingness to follow Christ by upholding His holy standards. Mind to Heart is a compilation of some of Andrea's latest work, and it is sure to bless you.

--Andrea Curry MHA PhD

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