Mindy's Light

When suddenly, Mindy had another tug. It must have been a big one. A really big one.

Mindy's Light illustrates the gift of salvation. For Mindy, summer meant mud puddles, berry picking, and running barefoot. She loved her family and the adventures she shared with them. But she loved Jesus more. Even though Mindy knew of the love of Jesus, she had not yet received her little light. Throughout the summer, Mindy kept having these tugs on her heart. With each tug, Mindy asked her daddy more and more questions. "What is sin?" "Why do you get baptized?" and "What does being baptized mean?" Mindy's daddy answers her questions with scripture. More importantly, Mindy's daddy shows her in the Bible what it means to ask Jesus in her heart. But it can only be when her heart is ready.

Mindy's sweet journey to salvation is a story that not only demonstrates receiving the light of Jesus but also portrays how we should pray for our children.

--Jessica Horton Pickard