Miracle On Julia Street

Where would an independent, redheaded, suburban American woman bump into a fiery preacher man from Nigeria? How did sparks of both attraction and anger start to fly right away? Can a deep friendship or even a romance begin to form between people whose lives are so radically different in most every way possible? Little did they know that they would remain connected for many years ahead, even though they would live on different continents in a time where there were no computers, Internet, or cell phones to connect them. Miracle on Julia Street is the story of their relationship, as told through their correspondence and the author's journals. Spanning more than a decade and two continents, their story is one of faith, discernment, trying to navigate cultural differences, and ultimately trusting a good God for the outcome of their lives. Is it a friendship? Sometimes. Is it a romance? Sometimes. Could it ever become a marriage? Miracle on Julia Street will keep you guessing to the end.

--Julia Ellifritt

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