Motherhood: Motivated, Observant, Tender, Helpful, Eternity, Respected, Happy, Open-Minded, Outstanding, Devoted

Motherhood provides mothers with different aspects, encouraging them to be the best mother possible and giving them insight and tools to make sure their children grow and become productive and successful in our society. Motherhood includes strategies for raising responsible and respectful children who are successful and can function in our society effectively. As children's first teachers, mothers need to provide a solid foundation for living in our society. Mothers certainly have to be skillful to manage the many tasks that they must tackle daily.

Topics include the following:

- Single mothers

- Verbal communication

- Childrearing Is Like Artwork

- Mother-and-child relationship

- Mother involvement

- Mother's growing stages

- Rewards of being a mother

Mothers are an important part of a child's development and must utilize tools that are beneficial to their children. However, mothers can become overwhelmed with all the information available on the internet in books, magazines, and pamphlets. Elizabeth Parson helps mothers feel confident and calm by providing information that empowers them to make decisions that are best for their children while also embracing their unique inner potential and purpose. Mothers can stay in control while also giving their children the necessary freedom to mature themselves.

--Elizabeth Parson