Mother's Day Miracle: The Rita Chretien Story: Survival in the Nevada Wilderness

Mother’s Day Miracle is a compelling testimony of faith, patience and hope. Danger, starvation and the threat of death stared Rita in the face for seven weeks. Constant awareness of the next task at hand took her to the next moment. Rita was confident that the presence of the Holy Spirit was there, with her, replenishing Hope and Peace each day.

Rita Harter is a first time author, writing about her own survival experience, widely known as; “The Rita Chretien Story.” Her source of strength is her faith in God. It is not unusual for Rita to face daily challenges that come her way, with hope and courage. Motivated by a grateful heart, she has discovered the key to endurance. Today, she has a new path to explore and new mercies of God’s Grace to experience.

--Rita Harter

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