Muley: The Mule That Thought He Was a Racehorse

Kelly Billingsley was born in Boston, but when opportunity knocked, Kelly and her family moved to Virginia to her grandfather's small farm. For Kelly, it was a dream come true, but in her wildest dreams, she could never imagine a friendship with a mule named "Muley" would miraculously teach him to interact with Kelly in ways she or anyone else could have ever guessed or could ever know. A floppy-eared mule with an attitude and an obsession to become a racehorse kept Kelly busy protecting their great secret. With a bit of sadness at times, there were lots of fun and laughs and surprises awaiting around every corner, peppered with a little romance and danger. Loyalty, faith, friendship, and discipline are all in play being learned by the characters in Muley.

--Monty Marks