My Innocence Was Stolen

Tabitha Ferguson was born into poverty and an abusive and divided family. She survived abuse on every level

while her community documented the torment she lived in and projected mental illness labels on her instead of

holding the abusers accountable. When Tabitha could no longer function in a normal school classroom, she was

pushed into the judicial system and believes she was set up to fail. Due to the severity of the abuse she endured,

she fell into what statistics say they fall into with addictions and its lifestyle. In the midst of a life full of adversities,

Tabitha has managed to overcome as she passionately shares her story to help raise awareness for kids and their

families with similar backgrounds. Tabitha’s first new book will give you great insight in what goes on inside the

mind of a troubled, at-risk youth and how to respond and begin using trauma informed knowledge versus

believing someone is mentally ill due to biochemical imbalances. We all just want to love and be loved. Tabitha’s

book will help you realize just how much the human mind can be restored and how one can overcome with a past

like hers.

--Tabitha Ferguson

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