Ninety Miles: The Culprit of Communism in the Americas

Based on actual events spanning forty years, this story is about the relentless struggle of a family's search for freedom; the "Great Seven," Fidel Castro's inner circle; and an epic adventure driven by a passionate love relationship set in pre- and post-Revolutionary Cuba.

The love story is the main impetus of the film. Pepe, the only survivor of the inner circle to escape several assassination attempts, is forced to leave his family and his fiancee (Alicia) in Cuba. Alicia, who is carrying Pepe's unborn son, conceals her pregnancy to ensure his immediate departure to safety. After a harrowing escape to Key West, Pepe receives the news of his fiancee's pregnancy and begins a long and dangerous journey to save Alicia and his unborn child. He seizes the opportunity to return to Cuba as a CIA operative in an ultracovert operation named "90 Miles." This operation was launched just prior to the Bay of Pigs invasion of April 17, 1961. The objective of 90 Miles was to determine the extent of Castro's military capabilities, namely nuclear capability.

The so-called Great Seven Inner Circle was a group of men who helped finance the Cuban Revolutionary party. These men organized and provided the financial resources for Castro's revolution (see pictures enclosed). They were instrumental in the overthrow of Batista, the reigning dictator of the island of Cuba. Within eighteen months of Castro's rise to power, six of the Great Seven men had been methodically murdered by unknown assassins.

This story also uncovers the truth about the missile crisis. The US government (primarily the Kennedy Administration) ignored reports of Castro's military buildup. Furthermore, senior government officials were aware and had evidence of the existence of nuclear weapons in Cuba long before the infamous Missiles of October and the flyby of the U-2 plane from the US Air Force.

There are many facets to this story. A tragic love story with the backdrop of the Cuban Revolution. An amazing adventure and look into a family's search for freedom. And a part of US history never before told.

--Jose L. Gonzalez

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