Once Saved, Always Saved: But When Are We Truly Saved?

We often hear the phrase "once saved, always saved," which to some means that once a person is saved, he will always be saved, no matter what he does. Scripture does verify that when a person is born again and is truly saved, he has eternal security. But what is revealed in Scripture about this important issue must be properly understood. Misinterpretation of this important biblical concept can have dire consequences.This book will discuss many positive aspects of the "once saved, always saved" concept. However, it will also show that there is significant potential for misunderstanding and misusing this idea in ways that may be dangerous from a spiritual point of view. These dangers include erroneously thinking one is eternally saved when he is not even saved at all, making no effort to grow spiritually, and not working toward eternal rewards because one sees no reason to if he is already eternally secure. Topics such as what it means to truly be saved, at what time is one actually saved, the importance of being sure about one's salvation, the danger of turning the grace of God into licentiousness, and what happens with the carnal Christian will also be considered. This book will explore these issues from the point of view that if a person is saved, he will always be saved--but he must be truly saved to indeed have eternal security.

--Roy R. Reeves

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