Once Upon a Curse : Enduring the Everyday Story

Everyone carries a story. But somewhere along the chapters of life, we will experience disappointment, heartache, and pain. It is common to cling to our individual experience to tell us about our purpose and meaning, yet God tells an ancient story that has redefined our every day.The tales in this book retell the struggles that humans have been plagued with since the beginning of creation. However, God has not left His people alone to suffer. Instead, the story of curses and the promise of salvation, as told in Genesis 3, awakens us to a deeper truth that we are living right now.The failings of this world are too much to bear. However, confronted with the curses, you will be reminded of your true identity. Created from the beginning of time, this story challenges you to discover that you have already been wrapped up in the greater story of your Creator. Once upon a time until happily ever after, this is the story that ends your curse by the cross of Christ.

--Cindy Koch

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