Ordinary Reflections from Here, There, and God's Word

In our daily routine, God often places responses and directions for us in ways we believe provide needed answers for whatever that is or will be there for us to deal with. Those very words heard or read are often from something or someone nearby, during our personal and regular activities or situation, sharing needed encouragement, direction, or some type of help for any future issue that may arrive. And yes, of course, God does provide answers with direction or loving blessings specifically for us straight from His Word.

Take time in each daily reading of Ordinary Reflections from Here, There, and God’s Word to reflect on them. Each one comes from the basic and ordinariness that’s all around us, or even straight from one’s own life, as well as from the Bible. This book includes a scripture verse beginning each day’s reading and then concludes with a brief prayer. Do be blessed as you read, meditate, and receive what the Lord has for you.

--Elouise Hults

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