Outside the Gates of Paradise: A Poet's Walk Through the World

From the author of Letters from Moscow: A Soul’s Journey of Love comes Outside the Gates of Paradise: A Poet’s Walk through the World, a collection of free verse poetry encompassing many diverse themes: love, friendship, religion, war, current and past events, controversies, the environment, and more. From Christ and the Virgin Mary to Native Americans to September 11, the 283 poems are spiritual, passionate, romantic, audacious, heartrending, inspiring, and thought-provoking. These emotionally potent and unique verses are unabashed in their candor and tender in their beauty. Many are cryptic, personal, and mysterious, waiting for the reader to uncover their meaning and message in their own way. Rendered over a lifetime, Hall’s cornucopia of deep human feelings offers a glimpse into the world of a sensitive, observant soul and her commentary on the human condition in our times. Get ready to be provoked, enchanted, and delightfully surprised.

The Measure of a Poet…

The measure of a poet

Is their ability to convey truth,

Be it plainspoken or

Intricately embroidered

In verse.

Elena Veronica Hall

--Elena Veronica Hall

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