People Are the Plan : A Leadership Approach to Winning with People

Employee retention rates have become a significant problem in many organizations today. Companies are struggling to staff their organizations. The workforce also appears to be more actively disengaged as people struggle to find purpose in their job. We see these issues in organizations of all sizes and segments. For-profit companies are struggling with these issues as are nonprofits and governmental institutions. We need leaders now more than ever. We need leaders to value people as a key asset to their organization, clarify purpose in the workplace, and create better work environments for their team members. In "People Are the Plan," I provide a detail plan on how to build a team atmosphere as we move our workforce from having a renter mentality to an owner mentality. This book takes employee engagement to a new level. Leaders that can build teams and engage effectively will experience sustainable results regardless of market challenges. People need to be at the heart of the strategy and not just a cost factor. The concepts shared in this book are not just theory but rather are proven examples of what I have used to build teams and grow engagement. The purpose of this book is to help you become a more effective leader and ultimately help you become a leader worthy of following.

--Doug Strickel

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